Authorized Applicator

Over the last 25+ years, Roof-A-Cide has been proven to be the Leaders in Roof Cleaning and Stain Prevention. While working with large scale roofers and manufactures, Roof-A-Cide recognized a void for proper roof maintenance and stain prevention. Since cleaning options were limited, most people were forced to resort to pressure cleaning or harsh chemicals like Chlorine Bleach and the damaging process of repeated roof cleaning was considered "unavoidable". Repeated cleaning erodes and deteriorates all elements of the roof, decreasing the life expectancy of the roof! With years of research and experience, Roof-A-Cide quickly became the answer to making traditional roof cleaning obsolete.

We guarantee that roofs properly treated with Roof-A-Cide every two years (24 months), will remain mold-free and retain their like-new appearance for 2 years! In the very unlikely event that mold stains do reappear, the roof will be cleaned again at no additional cost to the customer!

What is Roof-A-Cide?

Roof Cleaning is becoming more common in many areas of the US. Unfortunately, it is usually being offered by Pressure Washing or Window Cleaning Companies that have virtually no training, experience, or qualifications. Everything they know has been gleaned from questionable websites and through Trial & Error on properties like yours. And the damaging use of high-strength chlorine bleach (pool chlorine) is quickly becoming the method of choice for these contractors.

Also, while many of these companies might have General Liability Insurance, most usually don't have Workers' Compensation Insurance. If one of their employees is hurt on your property, you are liable. A common technique used by these contractors to avoid Workers Comp premiums and confuse Customers is to claim a Workers' Comp Exemption. This is a loophole that allows small contractors to forego insurance on themselves as long as they are Owners of the company. This DOES NOT apply to employees and it DOES NOT protect the Homeowner or Homeowners' Association. It simply allows the contractor to work without the coverage that would be required if they had employees.

Every Roof-A-Cide applicator are reputable companies who are licensed, insured and professionally trained in roof stain and prevention.

Did you know?

Roughly 80% of the US is experiencing roof discoloration due to algae growth. What used to be a problem in only some areas of the most tropical and humid states has now spread to almost all states. And the problem is showing up sooner on newer roofs and is more severe than it has been in the past.

The Good News is that these stains can be cleaned. And IF it's done properly, your roof will look better and last longer.